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Cadet program practices water rescue in Hixson

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Some kids got to practice water rescue with some local SWAT team members at Chester Frost Park in Hixson, Saturday. It was a part of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Program's "Back to School Recruitment Day," where members learned new skills.

"This program is really helping me learn how be a leader especially with my peers and learning the balance between authority and helping each other," said Callie Regal, a member.       

16-year- old, Callie Regal enrolled in the program three years ago, and is now a Petty Officer, first class and a Commander for the Signal Mountain division. She says what she loves most about the program is the challenge.

"I love the challenge and we get to do cool things like this. I mean how many other kids get to train with SWAT," Regal said.

An opportunity made possible thanks volunteers from the Chattanooga Police Department's SWAT team, who taught members how to properly mount and dismount from a zodiac boat; the same exact training swat performs during land insertions.

It's a fun time aimed to help members, who range from ages 10 to 18, become better citizens. A national program that serves about 150 members locally.

"It's for the cadets to help them learn, to become better leaders, to become more patriotic. Just to give back to the community like they should be doing just like we all do," Stacy Keho, Lieutenant of U.S Naval Sea Cadet Program.

But it also helps them prepare for life after graduating from high school and from the program.

"I'm not sure which direction I'm gonna take yet but I really love the opportunities I get in this program and how it sets me up for the future," Regal said.

The program is open to kids ages 10 to 18. Once they graduate there are opportunities for them to stay involved with the program and help mentor the younger members. For more information and how to enroll click here.

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