Jace Johnson is the definition of a warhorse, playing on both sides of the ball at linebacker and fullback for McMinn Central. But Jace's passion for the blue and white started long before he became a Charger.

"It kinda all started out with my dad. He was on the 93' team that went to state for the first time and the only time Central went. And my brother was a big success in high school football and I've just loved football ever since."

Jace's family has always shared a love for the high school pigskin, but Friday's game against McMinn county takes on a whole new meaning in the Johnson household. 

"My mom went to McMinn. She was a McMinn graduate and my dad was a Central graduate, but my mom we're proud to say she's changed to blue and white."

Even though Jace doesn't plan on playing college football after his senior year, he realizes how much he will miss this game, and will try to cherish every moment of his final season as a Charger.

"It's my last year strapping on the pads. I'm going to get after it, that's just the way it is, it's rough. Just take it Friday by Friday and just think about the next game, and when the end comes it comes."