A pair of volunteers with the Red Cross of Northwest Georgia are en route to Louisiana to help flood victims. 

They will join about 40 others from the Peach State and that number will grow to 1,600 volunteers from Northwest Georgia by the weekend. 

The volunteers arrived at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Thursday morning for their flight to Baton Rouge. 

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Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Carla Kelley of Dalton and Red Cross Board Members Tim Kirkland of Calhoun travel to the flood zone offering help through health services. 

"To see all of the impacted families, you just don't really know what to expect. I've not see that type of impact before," Kelley said. 

This is the first deployment for both volunteers. 

As floodwater smothers the land and rainfall records grow, 8,000 people-- and counting-- have little choice but to ask complete strangers for shelter and these are the local faces they will meet. 

"The need is going to be great. How are we going to respond? How are all of the resources in our country going to respond?" Kirkland said. 

The moment Kirkland and Kelley land, their first decision may be the toughest-- Who to help now? Who to help later? 

"They don't have any of their medication, they may have had other medical devices at their homes, oxygen, you never know. All that stuff has been left there," Kirkland added. 

"She donated some stuffed animals to the shelter, so she wants me to take those to the shelter and give them to the kids staying there," Kelley said. 

Both volunteers will stay in the flood zone for seven days.