UPDATE: Emergency crews spent the morning working to get a woman off a bluff on Raccoon Mountain. Chattanooga firefighters said she fell nearly 100 feet while hiking in the woods.

The call came in around 10 Thursday morning that a woman fell about 50 feet off a bluff and then rolled another 40 feet. It took emergency crews about 2 hours to bring her back to the trail.

Jasmine Periz and her friends were hiking on Raccoon Mountain looking for arrowheads when she fell.“Just heard her, just hear her roll all the way down the hill. The only thing that stopped her was a tree,” said Periz.

With a broken leg and several other injuries, the 32-year-old was air lifted to Erlanger Medical Center. “She was in and out of consciousness. We didn't know if she had any trauma to her head. Obvious leg, hip area, pelvis area problems,” said Captain David Tallent with the Chattanooga Fire Department.

Slippery rocks made for a long morning for rescue crews as they battled the tough terrain.“Pretty slick, the guys had footing problem, harnesses on them to keep the guys safe. Walking out was a threat because of footing.”

The Chattanooga Fire Department, TVA officers, and Hamilton County EMS were all called in to help.  It didn't take crews long to get in a plan in action. “Very manpower intensive. Takes a lot of folks, a lot of trained folks to do this.”

Crews relied on a 3 part rope system to bring her up the mountain. “Two complete systems with belays dues to the extreme slope they were working with. Last system with the flat top area.”

It was tough for the hikers to watch their friend suffer but they're thankful she is okay and grateful for the crews who helped rescue her. “I know it is not easy getting down in there, and everybody was slipping and falling. Not as easy as people think,” said Periz.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga firefighters and rescue teams are at Raccoon Mountain on a rescue mission. A rope and pulley system has been set up to carefully remove a 32-year-old woman who fell on a trail at the recreation area near Laurel Point.

The woman fell about 50 feet and broke her leg, making the rescue necessary.

She has been moved up the mountain and will be taken to a local hospital for examination and treatment.

The woman fell on a trail and apparently went down the side of the mountain. Rescue teams have located the woman and are working to get her out of the area and to medical care.

Channel 3 has a crew at the scene and will update this developing story.