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Amazon surprises teachers at Woodmore Elementary School

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It's not unusual to see tears at an elementary school, but it's a good day when those are tears of joy. It's an even better day when those tears of joy are on the faces of teachers.  

Woodmore Elementary teachers were invited to a school-wide assembly, but had no idea what was in store for them. The curtains opened to reveal more than ten thousand dollars worth of school supplies from Amazon's Chattanooga fulfillment center.  

Amazon manager Travis Maynard said, "We know teachers invest a lot of their own time and money into school supplies, so for us to be able to help them, it's a warm feeling."

Amazon associates do their share of heavy lifting each day, but this was an opportunity to help their community in a gesture that was much appreciated by Woodmore teachers and students.

Teacher Brenda Patton said, "This is a blessing, and such a great surprise.  I had no idea this was coming. This will be so helpful to us in the classroom." Fourth grader Elijawah Dixon added, "I was excited for the teachers and for us.  This is a good day for Woodmore."

Within minutes, teachers were already putting their new supplies to good use in the classroom.  Amazon and school officials say that while teachers opened the prizes, the students are the ultimate winners.

Brenda Cothran, recently named Woodmore's principal said, "Our chart paper will be used for writer's workshop.  This was not just some random list, these are items we specifically requested.  Now we can help our teachers, who spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets, and help our children with those supplies we've been provided today." 

Teachers say the unexpected boost couldn't have come at a better time, as the new school year begins. Teacher Diana Fleshman said, "This is one less thing that parents have to worry about it.  We have the supplies now, so they can focus on their child's other needs. This is such a blessing for us." 

Woodmore is one of Hamilton County's five Innovation Zone, or I-Zone schools, many of which are under new leadership this year.  I-Zone director Sheryl Randolph predicts more good news from those schools in the weeks to come.

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