Thieves spent more than an hour cleaning out the shelves inside a Fort Oglethorpe business, before making off with the owner's truck on Saturday. 

The truck was later found full of stolen items. Police arrested Jacob Harley Daniel in connection. Employees say Daniel was a regular customer. It's not clear if he broke into the business, but investigators do believe there are other suspects still out there. 

"We come in Saturday morning and they had broke the door, the whole door right there with the 10 commandments on it," said Tammy Ives. " They went in it, took our buggy and even our trash can hauling antiques out of here."

Manager, Tammy Ives is in shock. Surveillance video, now in the hands of investigators, shows thieves clearing out the produce store for nearly two hours.
The suspects took off in the owner's red and white truck parked outside. Police found it a day later, damaged.

"Yea they took it and it was his baby and when they found it, it wasn't like it was when they left," said Ives.

The owner believes his truck was used in other burglaries, after shelves of Amish bacon, butter and cheese were taken from Lilly's produce.

The store's cash register, Amish butter crocks and butter churns are missing too, along with tools, antique milk cans and bottles.  Workers say more than 100 antique tins are gone, making them believe the thieves knew what items were most valuable.

"He's got an old antique pedal tractor and it's from the 1930's and then he's got a pedal fire truck," said Ives. 

 Police say they got it all, including personal banking information from inside the owner's truck.

"Just shows how low down people can be," said Ives. 

The theft isn't stopping sales. Employees are working hard to keep the doors open for customers.

"This was close to home," said Ives. "Don't let your guard down, keep everything under lock and key because one bad person can ruin everything."

Police believe several people are involved, if you have any information that can help investigators call Fort Oglethorpe Police at 706-866-2512.

If you know where any of the stolen items might be, you're asked to contact police or call the store at 706-944-4193.