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Back to school stress and anxiety

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The start of the school year is marked with excitement and anticipation, but for some students it can also be filled with anxiety and pressure.

Jason Reich, Licensed Professional Counselor, CHI Memorial says, "Just watch for changes, the better off you know your children the more you know if this is outside your normal behavior."

Jason Reich is a Licensed Professional Counselor and mental health service provider.

Some anxiety is normal to start off a new school year, but parents should know the difference between normal back-to-school jitters and anxiety that may warrant professional attention."

Reich tells us some children may start to withdraw or show a lack of focus, along with other problems.

Jason Reich says, "The biggest one is a change in their mood, sleeping more, or sleeping less."

Experts have these tips to help your student have a successful year: listen to your child's feelings, keep things as routine and normal as possible, and allow your child to develop problem-solving skills.

That's what one local mom tries to do each year.

Delphine Battle, parent, says, "Usually we do play on play roles anything that is bad or good they may come up against, we try to act those things out, those have been very beneficial."

It's important to try and get your child to unplug.

Jason Reich says, "Just the idea of being always connected is very hurtful for our mental health."

And experts agree, one of the most important things to remember is to keep the lines of communication open with your children.

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