Cohutta police confiscated over 1.5 pounds of suspected hallucinogenic mushrooms, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and LSD on Thursday night during a safety checkpoint. 

Police say the checkpoint was located on Georgia State Route 71 at Wolfe Street inside the town of Cohutta. The drug bust took place towards the end of the checkpoint when a Motor Carrier Compliance Division officer who was screening for commercial vehicles identified a passenger driver that may have been under the influence. 

The officer stopped the car and upon further investigation it was found that the driver was traveling from Elljay, Georgia to Scranton, Pennsylvania and was DUI on drugs and one of the passengers had felony warrants out of Blue Ridge, Georgia for synthetic narcotic possession and distribution. 

Officer conducted a search of the vehicle and found the 1.5 pounds of narcotics. Due to the nature of the items discovered the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit assisted and according to their knowledge this was the largest known seizure of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the county's history from a traffic stop. 

The officer charged the driver with DUI and obstruction, the passenger was arrested for being a fugitive from justice, and the officer turned all of the drug charges over to the county narcotics agents for prosecution. 

All three occupants in the vehicle were charged for Possession with Intent to Distribute.