Fencing has been an Olympic sport since its inception into the Modern Olympics in 1896, yet it still seems that most people don't know the first thing about how the "skills of swordsmanship" work.

Kristin Vines has been fencing for over thirty years, and as a result, has been a part of four veteran world championship teams, all while heading up the Baylor School fencing program. Not only have several Red Raiders competed at the national level, but Baylor also owns sixteen fencing state titles.

"The coolest thing that happens when I'm watching these Olympic fencers is watching the movements and thinking, those are the exact same movements I am teaching my Baylor fencers" says Kristin. "Everything that those people do is exactly what I am teaching these kids here at Baylor today."

When Coach Vines isn't busy teaching her students to "en garde," she drives to Atlanta as often as she can to train with her coach. Kristin's specialty is the foil event, and just recently she won the 2016 U.S. National Championship in the Veteran (50-59) Women's Foil event.

"One of the young fencers this year (Rio Olympics) is Lee Kiefer, and Lee Kiefer is from Kentucky and I remember Lee when she was a very small girl in pigtails getting her weapons for the first time. She came to camp here at Baylor with her coach and my coach and we had this big fencing camp here and she and I fenced then and she can so beat me now."

Kristin will be competing in the Veteran Women's Foil event at the World Championships this October.