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Safety first for this weekend's downtown waterslide

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Slide The City returns to Chattanooga after a successful run in 2015. No major safety complaints have been filed against the Utah-based traveling attraction, but minor concerns have been voiced in some cities in its four years of operation.

Director Kaden Welch says adjustments have been made.

"About halfway down [the slide] the we'll have our volunteers that are lining the slide have them [the sliders] start dragging their their hands and feet. That slows them down pretty good," says Welch.

He urges people not to spin while sliding. This could make your body go out of control.

To avoid people colliding with each other, Welch says extra staff and volunteers will be waiting at the bottom to help you get out of the pool faster.

"We've started staggering people at the top when we send them down," explains Welch.."[We'll] separate them and give them more time in between slides."

Before the slide opens for business it's closely inspected by Welch and his traveling crew, mainly looking for any rips and tears to fix.

Crowd control and long lines are other issues they're facing. Sliders now take turns in "waves".

"So when people show up for their wave time they slide during that time. Then after they get their slides in they take off, and the next group shows up," says Welch.

Matt Hagens is visiting for the weekend and plans to take some of his children to the slide. He understands there's a certain level of risk you take at amusement rides, but he's not overly concerned about the slide being unsafe.

"Seems like a pretty safe area. Kind of an outdoorsy type of town. I think it'll be fine. I'm not worried about it," says Hagens.

Also, if you're concerned all the water being used will go to waste, Welch can drown your fears.

"It's dumped right back into the storm drain where rain water goes," Welch assures us. "The city will meter how much we put in so they know how much of their water they're getting back."

The slide is open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Saturday, August 13. You must be at least five years of age and 46" tall to ride the slide. Also, selfie sticks and action cams are not allowed with you on the slide. For more information and ticket sales, visit Slide The City Chattanooga .

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