It's not only sprinkler systems and parts you can find at Sanders Irrigation and Supply on Jenkins Road. It's also the home of two life-size figures named Bob and Lola.

What started out as a way to pass the time has turned into the company's mascots. The two even have a Facebook page, to document their changing outfits and poses. Their latest costume change has taken on a political theme.

"I bought a mask for them and tried to emulate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to some degree and as you can see the pants suit is much like her,” Harold said.

It’s the message “life is a beach, don’t elect one” next to the figures that has some people upset.

“I try to keep it clean enough to where it’s not terribly offensive but occasionally it's supposed to offend,” Harold said. “Art or any real message will often do that."

Nearby residents like Teresa Spilko was bothered by the body shape difference, but she says it's the phrase that is most offensive.

“It really insinuates to call women you know a profane language,” Spilko said.

She says it's the language that could impact her infant daughter later in life.

“Its like with this mindset she’s gonna grow up knowing that she's less significant; that this is okay.” Spilko said. “She'll have been called that how many times by the time she’s like 14 years old."

However, Harold believes his community will find the sign funny, but for moms like Spilko, it's not about politics or who to vote for. It's about respecting women. 

“I think they need to take the profanity part down. Whether it actually says it or it insinuates it it’s the same thing,” Spilko said.

The City Attorney's Office as of right now, aren't sure if there are any violations according to the city's codes, but are looking into it.  

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