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Olympic "cupping" explained by CHI Memorial doctor Jeffrey Jump

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Olympians seem to be showcasing a new trend in Rio that comes in the form of purple spots.  These purple spots really caught viewers attention on the very decorated swimmer, Michael Phelps.  It may have even caused fans to talk more about his spots than his medals.

CHI Memorial doctors showed Channel 3 how the type of therapy works.  It is a process that is referred to as "Cupping."

Cupping is used to relieve muscle tension and increase the blood flow.  Suction cups suction up the skin leaving bruises, or what viewers have been referring to as "purple spots," and these bruises can last anywhere from days up to several weeks.

Medical doctor Jeffrey Jump explained cupping to Channel 3, saying "If you're suffering from particularly arthritic problems, musculoskeletal problems, cupping can be a really nice adjunct to what you're doing."

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