The first day of school at Middle Valley Elementary School went off without a hitch as the school opened its doors to students for the very first time. 

Excitement filled the air as teachers and staff welcomed students back for the first day of class. 

Bill Hughett and his family were some of the first in the drop off line as his granddaughter starts 5th grade. 

"She's excited about being the first graduating class of the new school and it's so much better than what the older school was," he said. 

The size of Middle Valley is one of the biggest changes students will get used to. 

Teachers made navigating these hallways easier for students like Kambrie Wade by coding them by color. 

She knows if the walls are purple, she's in the right place. 

"You get your own halls and you have to have colors on it so you know which one it is," the 1st grader said. 

Changes in central office will be felt district-wide as Chief Academic Officer Jill Levine launched her new initiative. 

"We're focusing on literacy, better professional development at the school level for teachers, we're focusing on student engagement, how do we engage every students everyday in learning," Levine said. 

Levine is filling the position created by Interim Superintendent Dr. Kirk Kelly. 

A role he said Levine is perfect for because of her understanding behind the science of teaching. 

"We've got 78 schools and we've got a lot of different environments and different schools so we want a flexible enough model to work for each school," Kelly added. 

A  new beginning for Hamilton County that has many students and teachers ready to learn.