Team USA has won 13 of 18 Olympic gold medals in basketball, they're a favorite for 14 this year in Rio. But did you know there's a local tie-in, no not a player, but the court. That's right! The court in Rio comes from Chattanooga.

That sound is unmistakable -- fresh rubber soles on a fresh hardwood basketball court. However the court we're talking about isn't just any basketball court -- it's the court team USA plans to win Olympic gold on in Rio.

And for a court that prestigious -- the Olympic committee trusted two companies to build and finish it --- one of those companies is right here in Chattanooga. Praters Flooring recently put the finishing touches on this world class court, but before Praters took over, the Olympic committee trusted another American company to get it ready for Praters, that was Conner Sport Court International in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

"The understanding for the Olympics and the expectation is that the most modern facilities will host and the best equipment available. They set up a bid, we were competing against companies from Europe, the U.S., Canada and Asia. In the end they chose us," said Praters Flooring. 

Praters Flooring in Chattanooga is no stranger to floors of this magnitude... It's easier to name floors they haven't been a part of, they've had their touch in the NBA, the Olympics, the NCAA, March Madness, the Final Four a handful of local high school and college floors in and around the Chattanooga area.

So there it is, that's the Olympic floor in Chattanooga at Praters, of course that was before it was carefully broken down and shipped to Brazil.