Baylor Swimming Coach, Dan Flack was hired a decade ago. his goal  was to take the Red Raiders from the local swimming scene to the international scene. Proof enough is the 6 with Baylor ties that swam in Olympic trials and the one that is Rio bound.

"The nice thing now is you hear Baylor Swimming all over the world and it rings a bell with people," said Coach Flack. 

Baylor Swimming Coach, Dan Flack has made that a priority, it's a bi-product of the philosophy he adopted when he arrived at Baylor a decade ago.

"I always say hey, I'm working under the impression that you came to Baylor to be great, that's what we're going to pursue. We've got every opportunity to do it. I encourage them to think big. Why not us? Why can't we do it?," said Flack 

They are doing it!  For example there's 2014 Baylor grad, Dustin Tynes who will swim the 100 meter breaststroke for his home country of the Bahamas, Tynes is a junior at Ohio State. Then there's the five with Baylor ties that swam at the Olympic trials, something flack was able to witness in person. 

"It's exciting, the Olympic trials is unlike any other swim meet in the world. They built a pool in a basketball arena. Every night it's sold out. It's a very nervewracking meet. Even the top pros, you can see the nerves and tension on their faces. It was exciting to see because we had a great meet," said Flack. 

Of the five who made the trials. 4 were former Baylor students, Sam McHugh, Christian Carbone, Luke Kaliszak and Kristen Vredeveld. Trey Freeman was the only current student and he might be Baylor's best shot at another Olympian in 2020.

"If anybody came out of our program, Trey would be the one to look at. He's top-5 in the world in his age right now. He's done a great job. He's going to represent the United States on our junior circuit in a couple weeks in Maui in international competition. That will be his first taste in international racing and I'm sure he's gonna love it, eat it up and we'll see what the next four years bring," said Flack

The future may be Trey Freeman, the present for Baylor is Dustin Tynes their four-time All-American representing the Bahamas in Rio.