You probably have no problem recognizing your smartphone and now new technology will enable your smartphone to identify you.

Samsung's newest phone, the Note 7 is available for pre­orders today and one of the features is the ability to read a person's iris. It sounds similar to technology we see in movies and television shows.

According to Samsung, the user must hold the Note 7 fairly close to their face. The screen will display two circles and the user must line up his or her eyes in those circles. Once that happens, the phone reads the person's iris and if it matches the iris from the registered user, the phone will unlock. The additional security measures, Samsung says, will prevent someone else from unlocking the phone and will also allow an easier way to pay for things through Google Pay. Imagine only having to look at your phone rather than swipe a debit or credit card.

The Note 7 can be pre­-ordered now through any of the wireless carriers. It will ship along with Samsung's new 360­ degree camera on August 19th.

There is also iPhone news to report as several leaked images and information reveals that Apple will unveil its new iPhone 7 and 7 ­plus the first or second week of August. That is generally the schedule Apple introduces new phones that are most often released in October.

Leaked images from China reveal the iPhone 7 and 7 ­plus will be almost identical to the most recent 6s and 6s Plus, but will be slightly slimmer and have a new camera. The biggest difference will be not what's new, but what's gone. It is almost a certainty now that Apple will do away with the headphone jack in order to make the phone thinner. Rather than using the Apple earbuds that came from another phone or any other headphones, Apple will push users toward using wireless or bluetooth enabled earbuds.

That is making many iPhone users unhappy with Apple as they will need to purchase new earbuds or use an additional dongle that would connect headphones to the lightning charging port.

Additional leaked photos from several sources in China that make iPhone cases suggest Apple will also release an iPhone 7 Pro that is larger than a 6 or 7 plus and offer many of the features found in the newer iPad Pro tablets.