There will be new faces among the Hamilton County School Board in a couple of weeks after multiple upsets in Thursday's election. 

"People are absolutely ready for change. People took the time to get out and vote, they voted for the change they wanted and now they have it," Tiffanie Robinson, newly elected District 4 member said. 

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The message was loud and clear, Hamilton County voters want change in school district leadership after ousting three of the four board members running for reelection. 

The board was criticized for its lack of transparency after a freshman basketball player was raped on a team trip last year. 

It's what prompted newcomers like Joe Wingate (district 7) to run. 

"Folks are paying attention and folks are concerned with where we are and that's who I felt and that's why I got into the race and it's nice to see that there are other people around the county that felt that way too," he said. 

With the election over and newly elected members like Robinson and Kathy Lennon (district 2) are eager to get to work and already have fresh ideas to bring to the table. 

"Meeting with all of our commissioners and making sure we're all on the same page about expectations, second is focusing on student based budgeting, getting a new budgeting process into place that creates equality across the entire district," Robinson said. 

"It's about students, it's about teachers, our community, bringing us all together and making our school system, bringing it up to Chattanooga. N ow we're going to have a school system to match the great city that we are," Lennon added. 

Rhonda Thurman, who represents district 1, is the only incumbent who wasn't voted out. 

She's now the longest serving member as she begins her fourth term and said she's ready to focus on the search for a permanent superintendent. 

"I hope to get five board members to get really serious about wanting to get more money back into the school house," Thurman said. 

The new board members will be sworn-in in September.