UPDATE: First-time politician Tiffanie Robinson beat out incumbent George Ricks for Hamilton County School District 4.

The final vote count is:

Robinson: 807

Ricks: 753

Besley: 522

Thompson: 94

PREVIOUS STORY: There are four names on the ballet for Hamilton County School Board District 4 but only three candidates still in the race.
District 4 is Hamilton County's largest school district covering 13 schools total.

"First I was hitting these streets, hitting these doors, knocking on these doors to get people out to come vote," said Montrell Besley.

It's Montrell Besley's first time running for office. He's a teacher at Woodmore Elementary and lives in Alton park.,

Besley said hearing about the Ooltewah rape case pushed him to run for school board.

"I understand what teachers are going through in the classroom because I'm a teacher myself and I've been an advocate for kids," Besley said, "I'm doing it for the kids. So I'm not doing it for any personal gain for myself this is all for the kids to make sure they have everything that they need."

Another first-time candidate on the ballot is Tiffanie Robinson.

"I grew up in a really great public school system and when I learned Hamilton County was ranked as one of the worst school systems in the state of Tennessee it really inspired me to get involved," Robinson said.    

Robinson spent election day stopping by different polling locations looking for last-minute voters.

"You know we've made 10,000 phone calls, we've knocked on 2,000 doors, at the end of the day no matter what the results are there's not a single thing I would do different in this campaign," said Robinson.

Annette Thompson's name is also on the ballot for District 4 but she has since dropped out of the race.    
Thompson said she now fully supports Tiffanie Robinson.

District 4 incumbent George Ricks spent election day on the clock at work, unable to meet with Channel 3.

Ricks said he plans to stop by polling locations later Thursday night. He said he feels confident about his campaign and wants District 4 to be well-represented.
After this election, Ricks says he hopes the conversation on education continues in a positive way.