UPDATE:  Joe Wingate wins over incumbent Donna Horn by almost double the votes for the District 7 Hamilton County School Board seat. 

Wingate: 2,48

Horn: 1,166

PREVIOUS STORY: Two candidates both want to see a new school superintendent but have different theories on how it should happen. Incumbent Donna Horn and Joe Wingate are both running for Hamilton County School Board District 7.

Horn said she's been out with voters for weeks leading up to this election.

"I've been working hard, and I've been working hard for four years, you ask anybody in any of my schools, "Does Donna Horn come around to any of the schools?" yes she does," Horn said.

Horn is going up against Joe Wingate in what has turned out to be a very vocal and competitive race.
"I have three young children you are now in the system, I am a product of public school, my wife is too, we both are also in education," Wingate said.

Wingate said he's running because he's not seeing enough good things happening in Hamilton County public schools.

"I just think it strikes a nerve with the community right now and I think the community is yearning for some change," Wingate said.

Both candidates agree the biggest  priority will be finding the right school superintendent.
Wingate thinks the decision needs to be made with new board members, Horn wants the current members to stay in each seat.

"We have the experience, we know what we need to have in place, we know what's been in place, and I do feel strongly that I am the person that needs to be sitting in that seat," Horn said.

District 7 represents four schools, Apison Elementary, East Hamilton Middle High, Shepherd, Bess T. Elementary and Westview Elementary.