Chattanooga police say they’ve made a ‘smashing’ arrest, clearing multiple burglary cases at once.

According to officials, 41-year-old Rhett Chapple used a large rock to smash his way through the front door of two liquor stores, one on Bonny Oaks Drive and the other on Hwy 58.
In both robberies, Chapple brought the rock with him, getting it out of his car and hurling it at the doors before removing his liquor of choice.

After taking four bottles in the first robbery early on July 31st, Chapple apparently found his technique so successful that early the next morning he went to another liquor store and removed four cases of alcohol with his trusty rock.

Police also reported that their investigation ties the suspect to two other robberies in East Ridge last week, one at a church and another at a Rent-A-Center.

The car used in the commission of the crime, and in rock transport, was also determined to be stolen. 

The investigation is ongoing, and Chattanooga Police ask anyone with information on the cases to call 423-698-2525.