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'This is an epidemic in this city, it has to end now' says murder victim's family

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Jeremy Clark, shooting victim. Jeremy Clark, shooting victim.

A makeshift memorial sits behind JJ's Lounge in East Chattanooga honoring Jeremy Clark, the city's 21st homicide of 2016. 

The parking lot was full of people as they were leaving the club early Friday morning when police said the 28 year old was gunned down. 

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"A white Challenger drives through the parking lot, the victim walked up to the white Challenger, and someone inside the Challenger shoots the victim," Chattanooga Police Lt. Glenn Scruggs said. 

Scruggs said it was that car that led their investigation to Adrian Nixon and helped put the 29 year old behind bars. 

"Nixon was known to drive that car and that's what led us directly to Mr. Nixon. We brought him in for an interview and he placed himself on the scene," he added. 

"This is an epidemic in this city, it has to end now," Jeremy's brother Dennis said. 

The arrest first brought comfort to Clark's family but Dennis said it didn't take long for those emotions to change. 

"It immediately switched to more grief because on the flip side of the coin, even for the accused family, we are all victims," Dennis said. 

Now Dennis is turning his pain into purpose by starting the Chattanooga Urban Impact, an initiative designed to help urban communities.

"No other mom or dad or sibling has to get a call from the Chattanooga Police Department saying we have an arrest or your sibling or your son has been killed," Dennis added. 

His brother's death comes in the middle of Dennis' campaign for representative of Tennessee's 28th district. 

Dennis said although it's hard, he wants to honor his brother by continuing his campaign, which he says makes him a stronger advocate for safer streets. 

"When it's your mother that you're having to comfort, it's hard to get to work to continue what we've been doing," he said. 

Dennis Clark said he will be able to release more information about the initiative in the coming days. 

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