Several neighbors along 4th and Pine Avenue in South Pittsburg  have reported late night prowlers lurking through the neighborhood. One homeowner even took chase after the suspect, but they got away. Police are now asking residents to be on the lookout.

"I just sent out the email to increase our patrols and start doing field interrogation reports, just to find out out what people are doing after midnight " said Chief Robert Simpson, South Pittsburg Police Dept.

Chief Robert Simpson says break-ins aren't common in this area, but do happen. Officers investigated one home burglary on Pine Avenue 2-weeks-ago, where the suspects got away with nearly 10 guns, including an AR-15 rifle. 

Simpson says the victim jeopardized the case when she confronted the alleged suspect by kicking in his front door and firing off a round. The stolen guns have not been recovered. 

 "We want you to be vigilant and be able to give us a good description of suspects  or suspect vehicles without getting involved in the whole situation," said Chief Simpson. 

Neighbor, Stephen Hargis tells us 3 unknown men visited his home after midnight and his kids saw the suspect's shadows first.

"When they looked it was actually 3 men standing at the window. Two were peeping through and one guy was literally on our back steps with his hand on the door, looking in through the window," said Hargis. 

The light from his step-son's cell phone made them run off. Hargis is now warning neighbors.

 "It was definitely a wake up call to know there were people literally that close to our house that time of night, up to no good" said Hargis. 

Chief Simpson says he is leaving no stone unturned.

"We've got a couple of reports where they're playing the Pokemon game. We want to find out who they are too and so we'll be stopping them," said Chief Simpson. "If any parents get upset that we're stopping their children, it's because we're having complaints of prowlers in these areas and residents really are upset about it."

"Looking in your house, that's out of place," said Hargis. "That's not someone looking to catch Pikachu, that's someone out to catch a slug from a shotgun," said Hargis. 

If you see someone suspicious on your property, call police.