With first confirmed case of the Zika virus here in Hamilton County, the seventeenth in Tennessee, the CDC has a number of concrete steps Chattanooga area residents can take to protect themselves and others.

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Most people become infected through with Zika from mosquito bites, but it can also be passed through sex and bodily fluids.

No vaccine currently exists to protect against Zika.

The CDC Recommends:

  • Wearing a condom to reduce the chance of getting Zika from sex
  • Protecting yourself from mosquitoes by using insect repellant, wearing long clothing that covers your skin, and treating your clothes with permethrin or buying permethrin-treated clothing and gear
  • Taking steps to control mosquitoes around your home by including using screens on windows and doors, using air conditioning when available, and removing any items that might hold standing water on your property, such as buckets or bird baths
  • Checking travel plans to see if your plans take you to an area where Zika is common