Chances are good, if you’ve ever used a’ve written on a "Post it" note. While these small pieces of paper come in handy...they’re not exactly techy. But now these convenient sticky notes have gone digital.

This is my "Post it" note wall, with all of the apps I’m going to tell you about. An app does what might seem unthinkable.

With the Post ­It Plus app, you simply take a photo of the Post ­its. Almost like magic, the app digitizes the sticky­notes, and frames them on a virtual whiteboard. They’re easy to read...and from can move the notes around, even overlap them.

The app allows you to create your own digital post it note by writing on the screen with a digital pen. You can also share your board of post­it notes with people working on the same project or e­-mail, text or print them. You can also export it as an image, PowerPoint, Excel; save it in a dropbox where others can open it in the app, and save it and share it again with team members. One feature that’s especially useful is to export the white board of Post­ its and save the file in Evernote.

Post ­it plus is a free app, but only available for iOS devices.The app is much easier to use on an iPad.