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Powerball frenzy hits Chattanooga as jackpot grows to $478 million

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Someone could have the winning Powerball ticket in their hands right now. The jackpot has grown to $478 million and that's because no one has won the big prize in nearly three months.

Channel 3 spoke with Byron and Tasha Blackmon who were celebrating their anniversary in Chattanooga this weekend. They are from Birmingham, Alabama and drive about 2 hours when they want to buy Powerball tickets.

"Pay off debts and buy cars and maybe a house," Byron Blackmon from Alabama said.

They're hoping their anniversary will give them some luck.The Raceway convenience store on Signal Mountain Road was filled with people hoping their lives will be changed by buying a ticket.

"I think it would technically be impossible to count how many people have bought today," Jonathan Layne, the store clerk said.

Your chances of winning the Powerball jackpot are small: about one in 292.2 million. That isn't stopping some people from buying tickets either using the quick pick method or one of their own.

"We basically choose numbers based on our kids' birthdays and our birthdays and things like that. That's about it," Blackmon said.

If there happens to be a lucky winner of the $478 million dollar jackpot, the cash value would get you a little more than $330 million before taxes. The Blackmon's are hoping they have that golden ticket to win the fifth-largest jackpot in the Powerball's history.

"Even if more than one person won, it would be huge. I mean this is life changing, life changing amount of money," Blackmon said.

The Powerball winning numbers were 32, 21, 17, 23, 11, and 5. 

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