KNOXVILLE - Peyton Manning played for 18 seasons in the NFL, and after his retirement earlier this year, he's made plenty of jokes about how he was going to spend his weekends from now on.

Now, as expected, he's using that speculation for some laughs in three new commercials for DirecTV.

The spots feature Lionel Richie changing the lyrics to the Commodores hit "Easy" to "Peyton on Sunday morning."

In one, he sits on a park bench in his bathrobe and talked to an older man who advises him to work as long as he can.

The second one features Peyton at home planning to make nachos and watch football on television. He calls up little brother Eli to see if he can join him, only to be reminded that Eli is still calling plays on the field.

Finally, Peyton is shopping for groceries, again in his bathrobe, He's careful to use his coupons for his purchases, and is checking out in aisle 18 of course.

We know Peyton has some concrete plans for the fall. He's said he plans to attend at least three Vol games-- the Battle at Bristol, the Alabama game at Neyland Stadium, and the Vol's first visit to Texas A&M. He has said he will attend some Broncos games and watch brother Eli play for the Giants.

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