Crews have been working nonstop and will continue working into the night to clean up a train crash in Spring City. 

Crews in Spring City are working into the night, cleaning up a massive train derailment, that covered part of the town's business district in coal. 

"It's a big mess," says Decatur resident, David Newberry.

Forty-nine Norfolk Southern train cars, carrying about 5,800 tons of coal went off the tracks on Thursday night.

Highway 27 was partially closed while workers cleared mangled cars and hauled off some of the coal. 

People near and far were stopping by to see the mess.

"I came up here to look and watch, see what was going on," says Newberry.

"We've had a lot of traffic today," Rhea County EMA Director Jacky Reavley. "A lot of people driving by with their cellphones and taking pictures."

EMA Director Jacky Reavley says crews haven't stopped working since 2:30 Thursday morning.

"They have to clean where the track used to be, get all the cars cleared off, get the coal cleared off, so they can put the rail back in," says Reavley.

"It's a really big, bizarre event," Spring City resident Bailey Hufstetler says. "I've never seen anything like this happen in this 
small little town."

Nearby businesses, like the Spring City McDonald's, are keeping their doors open, while crews work around the clock. 

"They're actually staying open 24/7, 24 hours, in order to be able to provide drinks and food for the volunteers and service men that are here, trying to clean up this whole mess," says Hufstetler.

While the railroad hopes to have the track cleared on Saturday, crews say cleanup will take some time. 

"The railroad said they'd probably be here most of next week, trying to get everything cleaned up," says Director Reavley.

Crews hope to have the track opened by 8:00 a.m. Saturday.

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