For the first time, Channel 3 is hearing from the Chattanooga police officer at the center of the investigation into text messages sent to a young girl. Phone records show Officer Robin Davenport is accused of exchanging more than 1,700 texts with the 11-year-old over an 8-month period. 

He has been cleared of any criminal charges, but his future with the department is not yet clear.

Channel 3 obtained a copy of the February interview between internal affairs investigators and Davenport. Thirty-four of the text messages Davenport sent to the young girl included requests for photographs, something he calls normal.

Internal affairs investigators ask Chattanooga Police Officer Robin Davenport questions for an hour and a half about his texts and calls to an 11 year old girl. He defends the communication, saying he was offering parental guidance. “If I sent a text saying “hey send a pic” and she sent where ever she was at. Random photo, I would send her one back. It’s just communication nothing other than that,” said Davenport.

They exchanged multiple pictures. Investigators focused on one of Davenport shirtless, flexing his muscles. “Lots of jokes lots of laughing after the picture was sent.”

He received pictures of the girl, but nothing he thought was out of line. “I’ve never asked for a picture of her topless. I don’t have any picture of anything of her topless.“

He claims some of the texts were taken out of context. Sergeant Hewitt read a text to Davenport in the  interview, “From her to you: Just took my shower. From you to her: Where’s my picture LOL stinky.“

The officer said it was all for fun.  Hewitt asked, “Do you think that could be construed as inappropriate?”  Davenport responded with “By some, probably.” Hewitt continued to ask, “And that didn’t concern you?” Davenport said, “No.”

Channel 3 spoke with the girl's mom in March. She filed a complaint with the police department.

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“I looked at her texts and you could see where it was ongoing. I literally stopped counting at 400 texts. I stopped counting,” said Felicia Cotton.

Davenport said the girl's mother knew about the conversations with her preteen daughter and encouraged the relationship. “She granted that permission?” asked Hewitt.  Davenport said “Yes.”

Davenport said he was acting as a father figure because he had dated the girl's mother in the 90's and again years later. “Fatherly type position. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Davenport was asked if he ever texted the girl while on duty, he said he wasn't sure. According to the time and date stamps on the texts, he was working.

It will be up to CPD to complete its investigation and decide if Davenport can return to work. He remains on administrative leave with pay.

Channel 3 reached out to Davenport for his side of the story but our calls were not returned.