A Channel 3 viewer, Jenny Eberhart shared a video that shows just how great dogs can be.

Eberhart and her dog, Ralfi, live in here Chattanooga. 

Ralfi is a Whippet/Jack Rusell mix who displays an amazing skill of balancing a wine glass (with wine) on his head and nose, all without spilling a drop. The size of the glass doesn't appear to deter Ralfi from keeping his eyes on the prize.

There's a towel on the floor, just in case. But it doesn't appear that it's needed.

Eberheart says that Ralfi balances many other things on his head, but "the great part is he loves doing it!"

The video has been featured on the London Daily Mail's website.

We're hoping Eberhart and Ralfi have more trick up their sleeves! Like maybe teaching Ralfi to bring more wine?