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What the Tech? Voicemail Panic

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If you've ever been nervous or anxious leaving a voice­mail message for someone, you might like to get a do­over. Most wireless carriers offer a little known feature that will bail us out of awkward voice­mail recordings. We asked ten people and only one were aware of this old trick that should be mentioned again.

While leaving a voice­mail for someone using a smartphone through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-­Mobile, there are options available before you hit send or hang up.

If you listen carefully to the options the recorded voice will instruct you to "tap # for more options." Those options include listening to your message before sending, re­recording the message, send as urgent or protect the message so it cannot be shared with someone else.

A large percentage of smartphone users end up tapping "send" or hanging up before listening to the recorded instructions.

Unfortunately there is no option to remove any sign that you've dialed the number. The person on the other side of the phone call will see that you have called. The feature also does not work on landline phones, so if you're leaving an awkward or inappropriate voice­mail with a business there are no do ­overs.

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