Hillary Clinton supporters hosted watch parties all across the state on Thursday. Democrats in Chattanooga gathered to cheer on their candidate as she accepted the presidential nomination.

Supporters we talked to said they were excited to witness history and hear more about Clinton's vision for the country.

"It's really exciting to think that we're going to elect a woman president," said Victoria O'Connor.

People of all ages gathered at Mellow Mushroom downtown for a DNC Watch Party to show their support for Clinton.

"It's really important to do so, especially with Tennessee being such a red state," said college student, Casey Lawhorn.

Some of the younger voters, like Lawhorn, were there to get more involved in the campaign.

"I, myself, as part of the LGBTQ community, favor strongly for the Democratic party," he said.

"I have friends in some of the communities Trump's rhetoric directly targets," said Lawhorn's brother, Chad. "They're scared, and I want to try to help my friends by being more active."

Others joined the watch party to meet with like minds.

"We've only lived in Chattanooga about six years, so we wanted to see how many more Democrats there were in Chattanooga. We were curious," said Tom O'Connor.

Similar to Clinton's message, this group is looking ahead with optimism.

"The country is at a crossroads, and we've got to take the right fork," said Pete Yonce. "Or in this case, the left fork."

Hamilton County's Democratic Party is recruiting volunteers leading up to the November election. If you'd like to get involved, call (423) 266-4125.