State inspection reports for Lake Winnie reveal the safety of its rides and recent violations after two young boys were injured at the park two weeks ago.

All of the park's rides have passed inspection, but state records obtained by Channel 3 show about one in every three inspections over the last two years uncovered a violation.

The State of Georgia inspects rides at least once a year, sometimes more if a violation is found. In the last two years, inspectors made 77 reports at Lake Winnie.

Twenty-one of those noted violations ranging from fencing issues to a roller coaster track missing nails.

The Fly-O-Plane sits idle after two children were thrown from the ride on July 16th. The ride was built in 1947 and it's the same ride that's been at the park since that year.

Inspection reports reveal the ride passed a mechanical inspection after the accident. The ride passed inspections in 2015 and 2016 too.

In 2014, two violations were found. The ride needed new wood flooring and added foam padding to window and lap bars. The issues were corrected and ride reopened.

The State Fire Marshal's Office said these types of violations are common among amusement parks across the state. The state said the same thing for other violations Channel 3 uncovered.

According to a 2016 inspection, one of the park's most popular rides, The Cannon Ball Coaster, noted several violations. That ride was built in 1966.

The ride had missing nails from the roller coaster track, loose tracks and rotting wooden boards. Repairs on the ride were made that very same day.

The majority of the rides at Lake Winnie were built in the 70's. The oldest ride at the park is the Carousel, built in 1916. Records show it has had no issues reported in inspections the past two years.

About one-third of inspection reports from other rides notes some type of violation, many of them being repairs to the ride's equipment.

The State Fire Marshal's Office said each time a violation is discovered, the ride is shut down until repairs are made. Then, the ride is inspected a second time or until it receives a passing grade.

The investigation into the Fly-O-Plane is still ongoing and that ride is still shut down.

One of the children injured in the accident had to be hospitalized for more than a week.

Channel 3 has learned that he has since been released from the hospital and is expected to fully recover.

Channel 3 reached out to Lake Winnie about what was found in the inspection reports and when the park expects the Fly-O-Plane to reopen. We have not heard back from the park's spokesperson.

Here's the entire inspection report: