Documents released to Channel 3 after an open records request are revealing new details in the investigation into a Chattanooga police officer who is accused of exchanging inappropriate text messages with a young girl.

Internal affairs investigators said the messages included topics like anatomy, sex, bathing, and clothing. The officer has not been charged with any crime.

They said 1,791 text messages and calls were exchanged between the officer and a young girl between June and October of 2015. Since last October, Officer Robin Davenport has been on administrative leave with pay.

The mother of the 11-year-old girl filed a complaint saying the officer was being inappropriate with her daughter through text messages. Channel 3 spoke with her back in March about the allegations.

"I looked at her texts and you could see where it was ongoing. I literally stopped counting at 400 texts. I stopped counting," Felicia said.

According to internal affairs documents obtained by Channel 3, Davenport told investigators in February he was only being a father figure to the pre-teen. He met the young girl while dating her mother in 2015.

Records show he didn't consider his conversations with her to be "inappropriate or across the line." Cotton disagreed.

"He was asking her what kind of underwear she wears, he would tell her the difference between a boy and a girl, he was asking her to send pictures," Felicia said.

Davenport sent 955 text messages from his phone to the young girl and she sent 763 texts. He told investigators he didn't find that to be abnormal and was only offering parental guidance and having fun.

He also claims the child's mother knew about their conversations and condoned them.

Channel 3 reached out to the young girl's mother on Wednesday and she said her feelings toward the situation haven't changed. 

In recent months, Hamilton County's D.A. said there would be no criminal charges filed against Davenport due to a lack of evidence. Now, it will be up to CPD's internal affairs division to complete its investigation and decide if Davenport can return to work.

Higher ranking officers recommended in April that Davenport should receive a letter of reprimand, cease contact with the girl, and go through sensitivity-type counseling. It could be several more months until CPD's internal affairs investigation wraps up.