Schools across the Tennessee Valley are gearing up for the new school year, including in Hamilton County. 

At Barger Academy, crews spent Wednesday clearing brush from a small area where District 8 Board of Education member David Testerman said people have been gathering for illegal activity. 

"A lot of beer cans, a lot of bottles.  You can tell a lot of folks have been sleeping over there and things. With school getting ready to start, we just felt they were unsafe things and unsafe practices that were going on," Testerman said. 

Testerman said people have also been running power cords to the area from a nearby outlet, making for a very unsafe combination. 

He hopes the work crews do today will bring the activity to a stop and make it safe for students when they return to school in a couple weeks. 

"If we just clean it up and take some of the shadows away and especially get the electricity where it's turned off, that should help out tremendously," he added. 

Police are also patrolling the area.