Chances are you've taken at least one selfie, you may have even used a selfie stick to do it. If you've taken one you've probably taken others because we are seldom satisfied with how we look in pictures.

Facetune is an iPhone, iPad and Android app that allows users to edit their selfies similar to what professional photographers do in Photoshop.

Once the selfie is taken users have options to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes, whiten their teeth, get rid of dark circles around the eyes, darken grey hair and even reshape their face. To make those changes, users only have to swipe their finger across the photo on their phone.

We tried it and turned an unflattering photo into something similar to the photos in magazines.

Facetune has come under fire recently for potentially being harmful to people who suffer from negative body image problems. Nevertheless, it has been at or near the top of the iTunes App store for several years and was one of Apple's 'Best Of" apps of 2013.

The Facetune app for iPhones and Android devices is $3.99 while the iPad version is 4.99.