Delegates from all over the country are beginning to arrive in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention.  Thousands of delegates are expected to gather in Philadelphia for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, including one delegate from Hamilton County, Renda Washington.  She hopes the convention will unify the party for the general election in November. 

Hillary Clinton isn't the only one headed to the city of Brotherly Love. Renda Washington is representing Tennessee’s 3rd District.  “Very awesome, I am so proud. It is a privilege to be here to represent Hilary and Hamilton County,” said Renda Washington.

Washington will help choose the democratic presidential nominee. “Very exciting. To see all the delegates from the different states here and a lot on the plane. More on the plan than I thought. I think half the plane was delegates.”

Washington's pick, Hillary Clinton, is expected to become the official democratic candidate. “If we don't unit and do this together we will not have a good convention. We do not want a convention to be like the last convention.”

Throughout the week some big names are expected to speak, including Bernie Sanders, who also put up a fight for the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama and the President are also expected to take the stage. “Each one has a topic; I think it's very great. Most is around family and uniting together.”

Friday night, Clinton announced Senator Tim Kaine will be joining her on the democratic ticket as her vice presidential choice.   A choice Washington believes in. “I thought that was a very good choice. I told people that is who she would pick. That was my choice if I had to pick anyone.”

Concerns over a divided party are not a worry of hers, despite recent leaked emails. “It’s not dividing us. A little conversation about it, but not much.”

She said democrats will leave Philadelphia excited, united, and ready to return to the White House. “Everybody should forget she is a female and work like she is the president of the United States.”

Like the Republican National Convention last week. The DNC will begin Monday and last for four days. You can catch complete coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention all week on WRCB TV and in the WRCB app.