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Chattanooga police officers and community members pray for peace

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After the deadly shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, people in Chattanooga are standing with the police department against violence of any
kind. They came together to pray for peace at an interfaith vigil at the police services center.

"They're out here trying to protect us and so my way of protecting them is through prayer," Jeffery Evans of Chattanooga said.

Evans sees faith as one way he can support the Chattanooga Police Department. Some in the area felt the prayer vigil was necessary.

"Just to let them know that we care, that we love them, that we're supporting them, that we're behind them, that they do matter to us, that their lives are just as important as everybody else's," Theresa Crews, one of the organizers said.

She helped organize the Pray For Peace event on Saturday. Crews said she wanted officers and the community to stand in solidarity through the interfaith vigil, which is a gesture officers appreciate.

"Knowing that people support you whether it's through prayer, a note on a patrol car, cookies that are dropped off, a smile, a wave, any expression of helps a great deal when they're working a long day in the heat, in difficult situations helping people who are in crisis," Chief Fred Fletcher said.

Chief Fletcher said people in Chattanooga have always supported the men and women in blue, but lately it's been more visible. The group prayer was a chance for officers and the people they protect to unite.

"Hopefully people will see that they are human too and so just like we pray for anybody else, we need to pray for our police department," Evans said.

Similar prayer vigils have been held around the state as well as across the country.

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