Summer is a time for cyclists of all skill levels to hit the roads and trails, but many become involved in accidents. One man shares his story who knows firsthand why it's important to share the roads.

Seth Hill was halfway through his weekly bike ride when a red car struck him from behind. “A loud boom. The next thing I know I am on the ground and there is a car next to me,” said Seth Hill. “One second you're riding putting in a good effort and the next second you're sprawled out, looking at your arm.”

He said he doesn't remember much after that but is thankful his injuries weren't too serious. “The car hit me hard enough to send me flying forward, where I didn't get trapped under the car.”

Scott Thomas was a few feet ahead when he heard the crash. “We hear carbon bouncing off the pavement. We knew something was wrong. We turned around and looked. His bike was up in the
air,” said Scott Thomas.

Thomas says 42 year old Sandra Bennett initially stopped to check on Hill, but when Police were called, he said she fled the scene. “Distracted and an accident happens, but doing something intentionally and on purpose and trying to hurt others. That is inexcusable.”

The two cyclists say they were doing everything right obeying all traffic laws. “Single file, we weren't taking up the whole lane, right side of the lane next to the white line. We were calling out
cars when they would pass us,” said Hill.

Thomas says the crash doesn't surprise him. “It is not a question if you're going to crash or something, it is more of when.”

Hill said it's time for drivers and cyclists to work together to ensure safety for everyone on the roads. “Cyclist are people too, we have families and all those things. Just watch out for each other.”

Hill said he will get back on his bike soon. Bennett is facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident, revoked driver’s license, no proof of insurance, 3-feet bike law and Tennessee due care law.