A Hixson man is behind bars for threatening a Hamilton County Judge via emails and fax messages. 

A detective with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office was conducting an investigation into strange fax messages coming into the Hamilton County Courthouse addressed to Judge Lila Statom. The detective says the fax messages were strange but did not contain any direct threats. 

On Friday, the detective was made aware of the emails sent by what was thought to be the person of interest in the fax messages in which specific threats were made including "We are going to kill Judge Statom" and "We have a court house bomb". 

Police said while in the process of trying to track down the email address the threats had come from another deputy ran across the person of interest in the 2400 block of Jenkins Road in Hamilton County.

Police arrested David Lee Graham on a non-related charge, but they found that Graham had notebooks on him consistent with the fax and emails being sent and also recovered a cell phone. 

Graham admitted to police he had sent the fax and emails, stating he used the wi-fi at Heritage Dog park to get online. 

David Lee Graham was charged with Retaliation against Judge and his bond was set at $100,000. Graham will appear in court on July 25th.