CHI Memorial Hospital, a local not-for-profit organization in the Chattanooga area, is asking "Pokemon Go" players to choose a new playing location.

Officials involved with the organization say patient safety and privacy are the top concerns.

CHI Memorial Hospital staff members are asking members of the public to remove the hospital's health care facilities as a location from the game.

"This game can cause unwanted distraction to those providing and receiving medical care in our hospitals and medical facilities," said Rhonda Poulson, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. 

"To ensure we are providing the top level care our patients expect and deserve, and to reduce the risk of exposure to illness and infection due to the possibility of game players entering sterile areas, we’re asking to be removed as a game location and that our associates and guests turn the application off while on our campuses."

"Pokemon Go" is a newly-released app that has become extremely popular world-wide, within the past two weeks.

A number of other locations across the country have asked to be removed as Pokemon Go locations, including cemeteries, museums, and national monuments.