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Crime Stoppers: Man Robbed in Restaurant Bathroom

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We have lots of video from Friday July 1st. You can see the two men enter the McDonald's on Amnicola Highway and follow the victim into the bathroom. What is not seen is the struggle that happened behind the closed door, but just under three minutes later, they exit with the victim trailing. He is waving his arms, obviously trying to call attention to the two as they head outside and across the way to the Track's End Diner where two females were waiting.

"The video quality is higher there and you'll definitely be able to make them out if you know them," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller. The footage from the restaurant shows the women feign a bathroom stop while still keeping a close eye outside.

Both of the bad guys are black males who look to be in their twenties. One has shoulder-length dreadlocks, the other a low haircut. They reportedly told the victim they were in a gang. "Sometimes, when someone's in a gang, they may use coercion to keep people that know about the crime to come forward, or prevent them from coming forward. So, Crime Stoppers is offering rewarding up to $1000 if you're able to identify them and provide that information Crime Stoppers."

The reward money is on the table as is your anonymity. "That's correct," said Off. Miller. "When they call Crimes Stoppers, they're given a Crime Stoppers ID number and their name is never asked. If they want to provide they information they can. We never asked their name. Their information is taken from Crime Stoppers and sent to the detective for them to build a case."

The four came and went in a white or silver colored Pontiac 4-door or a similar type of car. 

Do you know the clothes, the faces, or the car? We want to talk to you. 

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333 

If you get voicemail, leave a way for us to get back to you. We may have questions, but we will never ask who you are.

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