UPDATE: Signal Mountain Fire Chief Eric Mitchell said firefighters rescued a 92-year-old man after he was found unconscious on his roof, suffering from severe burns and dehydration.

It happened at his Signal Mountain home on Palisades Drive around 3:30 p.m.

"He had some 3rd degree burns to his face, arms and legs and anytime you have 3rd degree burns it's serious, but especially in an elderly person, fluid loss and burns can be fatal at times," Mitchell said.

The man was on the roof of his Palisades Drive home for about 20 minutes before he was found lying on hot tar.

The Chief said this is the most serious heat-related call his crews have responded to so far this year and it's also one he hopes will never happen again.

"I don't think I've heard of anything quite like this, it's a unique situation," said Chief Eric Mitchell.

The man is now recovering at an Augusta burn center and while his injuries are serious, he is expected to survive.

Chief Mitchell said the man was at home with his caregiver.

"The caregiver told our firefighters that he had been infatuated with the roof, he liked being out there," he said.

A family friend says the man has been determined to get on the roof and when he got the chance, he locked out his caretaker behind him.

That's when she called for help.

"And once she realized he was gone he had already been out on the roof for 20 minutes," Chief Mitchell said.

The roof is covered in a layer of tar. To show Channel 3 what that must have been like for the man who was burned, Chief Mitchell used his thermal imaging camera.

In the driveway of the fire hall temperatures were reaching higher than 130 degrees.

"So you can imagine what a black roof would be like given the same conditions," Chief Mitchell said, "Temperatures on the roof probably around 150 degrees, maybe higher."

Chief Mitchell said the caregiver is not facing any criminal charges.

The name of the man is not being released at this time.