Rounding up this week's suspects could make the streets a lot safe, just by number alone. "In this case there's four possible suspects that we've been told about," said Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller. "So, it may be that you get four people or more that were involved."

Kentrell Provens was 16-years old. He was murdered a year ago in April.    

Just a stone's throw from Tunnel Boulevard, residents in the Menlo Park Neighborhood are not strangers to violent crimes. But, this incident was different. Kentrell was just a kid. "On the day of the incident," Officer Miller explained, "he was playing basketball earlier in the day and he was walking home and he stopped on a ledge up the road on Gillespie Road."

It was a Sunday, around five in the afternoon. The Brainerd High School student sat on that ledge and was approached by four black males. "And they begin shooting at him and they ran from the scene," Officer Miller continued. "We have information from community members that tell us that the four black males, that they described, they appeared to be younger."

They bolted in a gray colored vehicle.

The leads in this case have dried up, but we have up to $1,000 Crime Stoppers cash for the right bit of information. Help clean up this community. Help the family that cared about Kentrell Provens finally find justice. "I've spoken with his mother and I spoke with her today," said Off. Miller. "She's very involved, she's constantly posting on Facebook trying to reach out to people." 

 If you help, neither we nor the police will ever ask your name. "It is anonymous information passed through Crime Stoppers to the investigator," Miller added, "and the investigator uses that information to build a case."

Call: 698-3333

If you get voicemail, leave a way for an officer to get back with you. He may have questions, but he will never ask who your are.