A 65-year old hiker needed to be rescued from Pocket Wilderness on Wednesday after he and his dog became dehydrated.

Joseph Tidwell, from Soddy Daisy called 911 reporting his dog had fallen 40 feet off the trail, He explained that the two of them were hiking and he noticed his 150 pound German Shepard, Hannah, was showing signs of dehydration. Tidwell proceeded to give all of his reserved water to the dog. Some time later, the male hiker started to become dehydrated himself. Tidwell and Hannah started to search for a stream to rehydrate when Hannah slipped and fell 40 feet off the cliff. 

Mowbray Mountain Volunteer Fire requested additional personnel to respond to the scene, due to the extensive heat and humidity. Among the agencies are as follows: Walden's Ridge Emergency Services, Dallas Bay VFD, Hamilton County Emergency Services and CHATTANOOGA-Hamilton County Rescue. 

Several rescue crews and HCEMS hiked into the woods and met up with the Tidwell around 2:30 pm.

HCEMS tended to the patient's medical needs while the other crew attended to the injured dog. Rescue personnel spoke with veterinarian personnel in Soddy Daisy to give a report of the dog's condition. The veterinarian determined the dog had sustained serious injuries from the gig fall and advised to euthanize the dog. After the dog owner agreed to the veterinarian's decision, he spent a few minutes with the dog and began to walk 2 miles with rescue personnel to the ATV vehicle and was driven to Hamilton County EMS personnel whom were waiting to transport him to Erlanger Medical Center for further evaluations.