Good Monday.  We will continue the weekend theme of hot, muggy weather with the occasional thunderstorm popping up.  Today's high will reach 94 with a heat index near 100.  Any isolated storms that pop up will do so during the heat of the day between 3pm and 6pm.

Tuesday will be about the same with a high of 95.

Wednesday a front will press through, and though it won't cool us down any, it will have the effect of lowering the humidity a little late Wednesday into Thursday.  If only the temperature would go down a bit also!  Alas, temps will actually soar Thursday and Friday.  Thursday the high will reach 98 and Friday we get 99 with the humidity returning Friday.  The heat index Friday afternoon will get up to 105, and we have a slight chance for a stray storm.

The weekend looks about the same.  Both days will reach 98.  Heat index values will range between 100 and 105, and I would expect a couple of storms both afternoon.

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  • 8am... Partly Cloudy, 76
  • Noon... Partly Cloudy, 88
  • 5pm... Isolated Storms, 94