(WXIA) According to this blog post, a teenager from Conyers biked 6 hours across Georgia to enroll in college classes at Gordon College.  

Fred Barley hit the road on his little brother's bicycle in the July heat, carrying nothing but two gallons of water, two duffel bags full of his belongings, and a tent. 

Campus Police found Barley in what he thought was "the safest place," to sleep -- in his tent on the Gordon College campus. 

The blog, Success For Fred, says officers told Barley to come out of his tent with his hands up. Then they realized something was wrong. 

Barley told cops he was homeless and hungry. Adding that he's a biology major at Gordon, about to start his second semester of college. 

Officers took Barely to a local motel and paid for him to stay two nights. 

Local Barnesville  woman, Casey Blaney, and her sons heard about Barley's story and wanted to help. Barley refused their money and help, saying he only wanted a job. So Blaney and her son, Cole, went job hunting.  

Debbie Adamson, owner of DB's Pizzeria in Barnesville, gave Barely that job he was looking for -- washing dishes in the pizzeria kitchen. 

We spoke to Adamson Friday afternoon. She says Barley has been bombarded with media attention and can't keep up with the requests, but appreciates everyone's support. 

According to his Go Fund Me page, Barley is living at the motel where Campus Police dropped him off until he can move into his apartment on July 18th. The GoFundMe has raised nearly $80,000 as of Friday afternoon.