UPDATE: The “Fly-O-Plane” ride at Lake Winnie where two boys were injured earlier this month has been returned to the amusement park.

Glenn Allen, the spokesman for the Georgia State Fire Marshal's Office tells Channel 3 that since the ride has been returned to Lake Winnepesaukah, it's up to the park to decide if the ride will be re-opened to visitors.

The Fire Marshal's Office interviewed Lake Winnie Staff, as well as the boys' mothers, and was unable to determine who's at fault for the accident based on the statements.

The Georgia State Fire Marshal's Office is the agency responsible for inspecting rides at fairs and amusement parks.

 PREVIOUS STORY: New information has been released in the accident on a ride at Lake Winnie on Saturday.

In a statement to Channel 3, Dwayne Garish, the Georgia Fire Marshal’s said that keys were in all the doors on the ‘Fly-O-Plane ride.’

“Our investigation has shown so far that when the keys are in the doors the doors are latched too. As stated before, our investigation to date indicates that these safety devices all operated correctly and have not been altered,” Garish said.  

The investigation is still ongoing and open at this time.  

PREVIOUS STORY: Two boys are recovering from injuries, after falling out of a ride at Lake Winnie.

First responders were called to the amusement park around 4 p.m. Saturday. Now the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office is trying to determine how two kids were ejected from a ride.

On Monday, the “Fly-O-Plane” ride remained closed as the GISMO investigates what went wrong.

Photos taken by a Channel 3 viewer show the popular ride shut down 48 hours after two boys fell out of the ride while in operation.

Georgia State Fire Marshal Dwayne Garish said one boy suffered a sprained ankle; the other child's injuries were more serious.

"The other child I think was thrown from the ride and may have suffered some broken bones and some lacerations,” Carissa said.

The GISMO, regulates and inspects amusement parks like Lake Winnie, and is leading the search for answers.

Channel 3 spoke with an eyewitness, Raymond Lane, who saw the two children on the ground. He and his family were riding on the train that takes you around the park when Lane said it stopped abruptly.

He then heard a woman screaming for someone to help her son.

"Its something you don't ever want to see and once you've seen it, its there. Theres nothing you can do. Theres nothing you can do to protect your kids or grand kids after thats happened cause they've seen it and it will always be with them," Lane said.

Lane said there were dozens of children and adults on board the train that saw the two little boys hurt after riding the "Fly-O-Plane" ride.

He said one of them was thrown off the ride and was inside the enclosure. Lane said he appeared to be talking and moving, but the other boys injuries seemed to be more severe.

"We looked over to the right and there was a young man that had been thrown out of the enclosure, across the railroad track and looked like he had actually hit the tree. He was bleeding from the head and wasn't moving. It didn't look real good," Lane said.

A spokesperson for Lake Winnie said both kids were taken to the hospital for their injuries.

Family members have been keeping others up to date on social media about the two boys. They told Channel 3 they're both 9 years old and are cousins.

One is in a lot of pain with a broken shoulder, leg, pelvis, and a bad cut to his head.

"I hope the two young men will be okay and I hope something is done as far as safety at the park," Lane said.

Preliminary findings show the ride passed all safety checks the day after the accident and was not caused by a malfunction.

"The safety features did work, the latches and locks on the door did work so it appears that it may be patron doing something they shouldn't do as well as operator error,” Carissa explained.

According to Carissa, the ride was built in the 1940s and has not had any major mechanical issues or operator errors since then.

State law requires rides to be inspected at least once a year, but visitors like Anna Burk hart say this ride is one they avoid.

"Me personally, I don't like it. I rode it once, and said I would never ride it again. Because when it flips you upside-down your shoulders and arms hits the door that opens,” Burk hart explained.

Carissa says the ride won't reopen quickly.

Supervisors from Atlanta are on their way to continue investigating.

"They're going to be taking more measurements, interviewing more witnesses. Of course, we had a lot of social media and we're trying to get in touch with those individuals who posted information to find out what they actually saw,” Carissa said. 

Lake Winnie issued a statement on Monday:

"Lake Winnebago has been open during its normal hours of operation.  However, the Fly-O-Plane remains closed until the State completes their investigation and releases the ride."

PREVIOUS STORY: An investigation is underway after two children were injured on a ride at Lake Winnie. 

Talley Green, a Lake Winnie spokesperson, said the incident occurred around 4 p.m. on Saturday on The Fly-O-Plane ride. Two children were treated for injuries and taken to the hospital. 

Lake Winnie said they are working closely with local and state authorities to investigate the incident. The attraction is closed until further notice. 

They issued the following statement:

"Our thoughts and concerns are with the affected riders and their family members. The safety and security of our guests and employees are our top priorities in all we do."

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