Dozens of people turned out Saturday morning for Chattanooga Remembers, a memorial on the riverfront. 

It's how the city is remembering the heroism and lives lost on home soil one year ago. 

The mothers, wives and children of those men sat together surrounded by the community that's adopted them as their own. 

"It's inspiring to see them carrying on, to see their true patriotism for our country and their feelings for Chattanooga," Mayor Andy Berke said. 

Feelings shared by Chattanoogan's as well like Dennis Clark. 

In his Nooga Strong shirt, he came to Saturday's memorial honoring the sacrifice of our city's heroes. 

"They're fighting for our lives and they're volunteering. They didn't get forced or anything," he said. 

It was important for those serving in the military as well. 

Kathryn Mounce came with her husband and two kids. Her husband serves in the Navy Reserves. 

"It's a strong community and I feel it's important for us to be here for each other in times of deployment or not or whatever it could be," she said. 

Berke says there are plans for a permanent memorial on the Riverwalk, not far from the Naval and Marine Reserve Center.

It will be paid for through private dollars like proceeds from Saturday's Heroes Run.

"We want a permanent piece that is on the Riverwalk so that anytime somebody is going by that site they can remember and have occasion to think about July 16th. We think it will be a worthy remembrance of our heroes," Berke said.

A reminder that even a year later, Chattanooga hasn't forgotten and continues to heal.