More than 1,500 people paid their respects to the five service members who died in the 2015 terrorist attack by running or walking in the Chattanooga Heroes Run, Saturday. 

The event started at the Navy Operational Support Center on Amnicola Highway and partially followed the route taken by Chattanooga EMS last July 16th, ending just south of the Challenger Center on UTC's campus.

"You know Chattanooga being our hometown and everything never thought anything would happen like that here, you know it's the least I can do to come and out show these guys the respect they deserve," said participant Braeden long.

This July 16th is about remembering their sacrifice. 

"I think starting at the armory, it was very moving and I became very tearful," said runner Valerie Warner. 

It was about saying thanks to Chattanooga's first responders, police and military personnel.

 "It's overwhelming that it sold out," said Chief Tim Christol, Red Bank Police Dept. "Running down the street and having people from the community holding their hand out or give you a high-five as you run along was incredible." 

Along the way, at each mile marker were family members of the Fallen Five standing strong. 

"One of the themes a lot of people were talking about through this is that these guys didn't make it to the end last year," said Chief Christol. "We were going to do that for them."

More than 1,500 people crossed the finish line. Chattanooga's top cop, Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher, and wounded Marine Demonte Cheeley ran together. 

 "He was running in his full uniform and everything so it was pretty cool to see that him out here cheering people on and running with us," said Long. 

Perhaps one of the most powerful moments came when Staff. Sgt David Wyatt's widow crossed the finish line with wounded Chattanooga Police Officer Dennis Pedigo walking behind her in uniform. 

"It was definitely emotional, I had to choke back tears the whole way through," said Long. " We love them and we're here for them and they're family members will not be forgotten."