Families of the Fallen Five have said Chattanooga's response has been a source of comfort and strength. For some of them, that strength has come through songwriting.

"Operation Song" pairs veterans and their families with professional musicians to help them grieve and heal.

The band took the stage at Nightfall on Friday, playing songs written in honor of Chattanooga's five fallen heroes.

It was an emotional night for concert-goers, and especially for some of the families, whose songs were played publicly for the first time.

Cathy Wells was in the front row, singing along to "Tennessee Blood."

It's the song she wrote in memory of her son, Lance Corporal Skip Wells.

The song made its debut at Nightfall. Operation Song played several songs in honor of the Fallen Five.

"A Father and a Hero" is about Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith, written by his father, Tracy.

He was able to tell his son goodbye before Smith died in a hospital.

Staff Sgt. David Wyatt's wife, Lorri, wrote the song "Chattanooga Rain." It's her story of loss and healing since that day.

The band ended the night with "Chattanooga Strong", written by Lt. Commander Timothy White, who fired back at the shooter that attacked the Naval Reserve Center.

White, his wife, and seven children joined the stage, and closed the tribute with a positive message: We are "Chattanooga Strong."

The songs played at Nightfall are available on CD. You can buy one to help support Operation Strong and other veterans who want to share their stories.

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